What's the measure of independence using Elipsa's CM system? In other words, how much are we as a client dependent of Elipsa after we launch our website through Elipsa's CM system?

Your independence is broad. It depends on client needs, the type of website and modalities of cooperation. In most cases, Elipsa's intervetions are minimal. The client is able to modify the content, structure and page layout (according to previously agreed variations). The client (unless otherwise agreed) doesn't have access to templates and thus cannot create new content types.

What are the modalities of cooperation Elipsa has with its clients?

Modalities of cooperation are agreed and confirmed by contracting. Basically there are two modalities: maitenance according to needs and scheduled monthly maintenance. Elipsa often works as a "power user" as it can enter and update website in your name.

Maintenance according to needs is used when the client needs less updateing. Client doesn't pay monthly maintenance and calls Elipsa in case of upgradeing the system. With scheduled monthly maintenance client has a higher priority status and work is charged at a favorable rate. Scheduled monthly maintenance amount is agreed by assessment of Elipsa's engagement in hours within a month. The client receives a report on the work of the previous month by the beginning of the next month. Scheduled maintenance covers intensive interaction and communication with the customer, system optimization etc.

How to negotiate implementation of the project, such as website? Is there a system training for the users?

In brief, needs and objectives are defined with the client. All key parameters are agreed by contractual clauses (including "what if" parameters). In the case of CMS, Elipsa enters original content in one language and trains the client for using the CM system. The client also gets all the documentation about system usage.