Internet marketing

Internet marketing

Elipsa IT offers professional services in search engine optimization for websites and public presence on most popular social media sites for the purpose of company promotion on the web.


Search engines are a very powerful and important way of getting traffic to websites - SEO techniques help companies reach top positions in search engine results, so every page needs to be optimized efficiently and longterm. Elipsa IT defines exact links, keywords, page descriptions, quality content and phrase searching for websites and makes them competitive in accordance with company's needs.

Social Media

A new and modern way of advertising for companies - through company's personal profile the direct contact with buyers, customers and users is achieved. It's very simple to get insights into opinions of clients, at the same time publishing news about the company, its products and services. Elipsa IT opens profiles on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter for companies and offers a quality promotional strategy, maintaining profile activity and increasing transparent communication with clients.

In case you wish to be present on any of the social media sites, and you need guidance in setting up your profiles and enriching them with quality content, or you just want to know more about it, contact us through email/phone.