CRM & Business tools

CRM & Business tools

Along with counseling services, the primary focus of Elipsa IT is to develop and offer systems that help companies in managing, planning and analysing their business.

Using the Web as the basis for internet/intranet infrastructure (or if necessary, using localized networks) Elipsa IT offers the following products in various versions: CRM, Project management and Document management tools.

Projects we work on cover a wide variety of companies and institutions, and that encouraged us to develop and produce software tools that anable and facilitate collaborative cooperation.


When you're constantly on the road and you have dislocated team it's only natural that you need an application like this.

Through the web application you can assign tasks to team members, update and track the work progress. The application is extremely simple and allows informing of members about changes via email or (on request) SMS. Thanks to its simplicity and usability we offer the application to our clients too.


The Nataraja package represents a competitive alternative to complex and expensive CRM solutions as well as electronic business management solutions currently available on the market.

Customer databases (B2B, B2C), CRM, document management, internal messaging system (IMS), project management, et.c are generally known concepts. The Nataraja package is specific by a manner in which the above-mentioned segments are aligned with each other in unity, and synery effects are achieved with the ease and intuitiveness of use.

The Nataraja package is flexible and adaptable to client needs. You can select only certain segments that are currently needed by the client.


The basic functionality description

Client database

Represents the database (B2B, B2C) of all clients with contact persons and employees. Information about the client are opting his interests, capabilities, experience, potential interests, structure, needs, size etc.

These and other parameters are used for interaction with the client and the subsequent transfer of experience to work with other clients with similar characteristics (through the so-called "patterns").

CRM (Client Relationship Management)

In any moment you can know the status of every client. The system allows monitoring of interactions (phone calls, faxes, emails, recorded meetings, reminder setting, allocating clients to specific employees etc.) between customers and employees.

Benefits are obvious: the possibility of analysis and strategic planning with making business decisions, customers are not necessarily related to one or a few employess - having access to the whole process, further interaction can be taken by new persons.

CPM (Cross Project Management)

Enables the simultaneous management, monitoring and analysis of a large number of projects in real time.

The system, thanks to hierarchical structure of employees (adapted to the structural needs of the client) provides monitoring and analysis of work per employee, project, specifics or branches of services, under the principle of "vertical" and "horizontal" work process control. The system itself sends warnings (by SMS or emails) to project managers and company managers about possible delays related to projects, tasks or appointments.

The system is also able to perform a calculation of human resources burden and warn about them when allocating new or changing existing project tasks.

DM and CDM (Client Document Management and Document Management)

The mechanisms that enable management of all documentation -archiving, encryption, classification by key, interests and content with the ability to easily find and select individual files or groups of documents.

Thus, the selected documents can be made available to clients (via Nataraja Client option) or otherwise used. Work Desk or desktop is a tool through which is possible to perform certain work actions on a larger group of customers (for example, send a fax to all who are interested in a particular activity, area etc.).

Nataraja contains a number of tools that facilitate the life of managers and reduce working hours, while creating conditions for the analysis and further operations planning.

Reports and statistics

By summary or in individual segments.